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comma 2024: *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival Returns

Organised by: *SCAPE
  • Date:
    12 - 28 Jan 2024
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At *SCAPE's comma Festival 2024, a wide array of innovative and immersive activities awaits. The festival kicks off with Music Day Out!, featuring an eclectic mix of artists, including Leipzig, No Good, Fuse, Blush, and Golden Mammoth, among others, set to perform on 13 and 14 January 2024. This event isn't just a musical showcase; it also includes sharing sessions on touring life and best practices for artists.

Jamela Law's Community Arts Residency, titled "Scars, Skins and Styles: Phygital Transfigurations," is another highlight. Scheduled from 13 to 28 January 2024, this project aims to foster dialogue on mental health through the integration of digital technologies and fashion co-designing.

The MOV:MENT Lab, set for 13 January 2024, will showcase various dance films, including "Body Missing Body" by Grace Song and "FR:AGILITY" by Amanda Tan & Jonit On. This exhibition explores themes like post-war Japanese avant-garde dance and abstract human form and movement.

Experimentation Ground, taking place on 20 January 2024, features Afiszan Amat's ';W[qw-u9 "TAPPING" and Hee Suhui's "ILL BEHAVIOUR," offering unique performances that challenge traditional art forms.

HOMEGROUND, scheduled for 27 January 2024, is a street-dance production and bloc party that celebrates the community spirit of local talents.

The festival also includes the Roar City Grounds Krump Exhibition from 19-21 and 26-28 January 2024, showcasing a film and interactive exhibition on Krumping. In addition, game enthusiasts can look forward to game demos by *SCAPE's budding game developers from 12-14, 19-21, and 26-28 January 2024, and innovative business ideas from young entrepreneurs in the Creative Fellowship program.

These are just a few of the many exciting activities planned for the comma Festival, each offering a unique glimpse into the world of youth creativity and artistry.

comma 2024: *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival Returns