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Art Connection & SoundBath : an intimate encounter with art

Organised by: Melanie Gooi x Jean Reiki
  • Date:
    20, 28 Jan 2024
  • Time:
    20 Jan: 3:30pm & 5:30pm
    28 Jan: 3:30pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    the artist studio #03-26, Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road
    the artist studio #03-26, Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Roadthe artist studio #03-26, Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    Tickets from $12/pax (early bird) to $15 / pax


The Art Connection + SoundBath session will guide you to discover the power of art and sound as they intertwine to connect with art on a deeper level. Let the vibrant colours and soothing melodies transport you to a place of tranquillity and inspiration. Come and be a part of this intimate encounter with art!

About the Session
Art Connection is a unique guided session to 'feeling' and seeing art. Enjoy a deeper understanding and meaningful experience in connecting with art and the space through your felt sense experience. The Art Connection session is held in conjunction with A Walk with Sun: a large-scale sketchbook exploration installation showcase at Peace Centre.
During the SoundBath, slip into a more relaxed state and let the soothing sounds of nature, ambient music, singing bowls and organic instruments take you on a journey of inner space awakening.

About Facilitators
Art Connection : Melanie Gooi is the artist behind the "A Walk with the Sun: a large scale sketchbook exploration" hanging installation. She is a practicing visual artist who embarked on her creative journey late in life. Through her art, she aims to inspire self-reconnection, which she sees as vital for an authentic life. Melanie's mindfulness practice is the inspiration behind her artistic practice. Through Art Connection, she aims to bring participants on an intimate encounter to understand and see art more meaningfully.

SoundBath : Jean Reiki is a Sound Curator and Experiential Producer who combines her reverence for the rustic nature and music technology to create immersive soundscapes for meditation and relaxation. Assuming under the artist alias, Mind of the Cosmos, she incorporates natural sound recordings, binaural beats & instrumentals to weave sonic tapestries that enhance the listener's connection to the natural world.

What to expect during the 60 minute session:
20 min : SoundBath to activate your inner space
40 min : Guided Art Connection session

The SoundBath is an experiential event followed by the Art Connection session, participants should come in loose and comfortable clothing. Bring your own water bottle.
Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Multiple dates & timings:
Saturday 20th January 2024 | 3.30pm & 5.30pm
Sunday 28th January 2024 |3.30pm

Price from S$12 / pax

Art Connection & SoundBath : an intimate encounter with art