Stories of the Un(forgotten) - Landmarks

Organised by: The Solitude Movement
Performed by: Jodi Chan, Ellison Tan, Hang Qiang Chou, Timothy Wan and Ching Shu Yi
  • Date:
    30 Sep - 30 Nov 2023
  • Venue:
    Online (Spotify)
    Online (Spotify)Online (Spotify)
  • Language:
    English and Mandarin Chinese


Can landmarks be forgotten?

Many landmarks have graced Singapore's soil and skyline, but as they make way in the name of development, their stories slowly fade away with the passage of time.

Enter Stories of the Un(forgotten) - Landmarks, a dramatized Podcast by Emerging Playwright gongxin. Through weaving historical facts, anecdotal interviews and a rich, lush, immersive soundscape, Playwright gongxin brings together Wind, Moon, Bird, Rain and Tree in this nostalgic series.

Plug in to these stories and memories of the forgotten landmarks, and un-forget them with every episode.

Listen here:

Stories of the Un(forgotten) - Landmarks