Comedy Night at The Projector (Sep 2023)

Organised by: Bowtie Productions
Performed by: Steph Chan
  • Date:
    22 Sep 2023
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    The Projector (Golden Mile Tower)
    The Projector (Golden Mile Tower)The Projector (Golden Mile Tower)
  • Language:


Only food and drinks from the Intermission Bar will be allowed into the hall! Get your drinks on!

Comedy Night at the Projector goes for gold this September with a debut hour special!

We're happy to welcome the founder of Siao Char Bors Comedy Nights, poet, drag king & queen and now debut hour comedian Steph Chan (SG), bringing her show Gold Star Bisexual! Being the first openly bisexual comedian on the Singapore scene, Steph will bring you through her life, her loves and what it means to truly be a gold star bisexual. I mean, what could be more Singaporean?

Joining her will be your host Qamarul Haziq (SG) and opening acts Sasha Frank (UK) and Nebulous Niang (SG). Plan for an evening like no other, it's Comedy Night at the Projector!

Steph Chan (SG)

Steph Chan has been performing stand up since 2015 and is the host of Siao Char Bors Comedy, a monthly show which highlights women & queer comedians from around the world. Steph was the first runner-up in Singapore's first-ever roast tournament in 2019 and has been described as "anecdotal and raunchy" (Bakchormee Boy) and "please try not to embarrass us" (younger sister). Steph's eight years in stand up have seen her perform everywhere from Bangkok to New Orleans, from ice cream parlours to the National Gallery.

Comedy Night at The Projector (Sep 2023)