Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Pro Series: Zines and Agency

Organised by: library@orchard
  • Date:
    24 Aug 2023
  • Time:
    7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Venue:
    library@orchard, MAKE room
    library@orchard, MAKE roomlibrary@orchard, MAKE room
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It's the second half of 2023, do you know where your children are tonight? As the world continues to be in flux and you feel the rug being pulled under your feet, what choices and agencies do you have? Are you in control? This sharing will try to make sense of our current realities, the angst, the burn out, the depression, the chaos and will make a case for zine making (thinking, writing, cutting, pasting, photocopying) to return some control to us. There will be a hands-on segment for this session.

About the Speaker

CT Lim writes about history and popular culture. He wrote for zines in the 1980s and 1990s such as the seminal BigO when it was still a xeroxed zine. He did his own short-lived zine which was featured in Factsheet Five. He still dreams in black and white, especially the blinding light of the photocopier when he was putting together zines at the photocopying shop in school.

Pro Series: Zines and Agency