Theatre, Dance, Film, Zabbalang

A Tiger Opera – No Way Back

Organised by: The Arts Fission Company
Performed by: The Arts Granary
  • Date:
    3 Apr - 31 Dec 2023
  • Time:
    Available all day
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    SISTIC Live
  • Language:


Lost in the urban jungle, a Boy-Tiger desperately tried to find his way home.

He met domestic pets and strays in the city and asked for their help. But these city animals spoke a human-like language that he could not understand.

The Boy-Tiger has an ominous vision of a weeping tigress. He saw burning forest and loss of wildlife habitat.

He ran and ran and held on to his momory of his home in the magic forest. He could see the five valour tiger warriors. But he also saw the Great Tiger Spirit fatally wounded;

He ran into two wildlife-rescuers who helped to lead him to the shoreline.

Tired and dejected, the Boy-Tiger saw the blinking lights of bustling oil refineries across the shore – with towering metal cranes and huge cargo ships like mechanic whales in the dark water.

 A Tiger Opera – No Way Back