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Head2Head | SingPoWriMo Showcase: A Prompt A Day

Organised by: National Library Board Singapore
  • Date:
    12 Apr 2022
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    Online (Zoom)
    Online (Zoom)Online (Zoom)
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  • Advisory:
    18 years old and above


Write a poem a day, for 30 days in April. That's the core challenge of SingPoWriMo – Singapore Poetry Writing Month. Poets will share their thinking process, why they participate in SingPoWriMo and interesting poetic forms derived from communal writing experiences.

About the Speakers
Crispin Rodrigues is a poet, editor and educator. His most recent poetry collection is How Now Blown Crow (2021), a meditation on love, domesticity, ageing and death. He is currently working on a new poetry collection that deals with his mixed heritage.

Charlene Shepherdson is a Singaporean poet and community organiser focused on language in written, performative and visual forms. She is interested in heritage, technology and creative education. Her poems have been published in From Walden to Woodlands, UnFree Verse, A Luxury We Cannot Afford, SingPoWriMo 2014: The Anthology and The Straits Times.

Joshua Ip is a Singaporean poet, editor and literary organiser. He has published six-ish poetry collections, edited 11 anthologies, and co-founded Sing Lit Station, an over-active literary charity. His latest book, Translations to the Tanglish (Math Paper Press, 2021), gathers contemporary and anachronistic translations of classical Tang/Song Dynasty poetry.

About Head2Head
This series of panel discussions tackle facets of life, from nostalgic fiction writing to urban living, from the spoken word to digital mediums, through words, images and voices. Speakers for this April include Crispin Rodrigues, Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips, Charlene Shepherdson, Daryl Qilin Yam, Eva Wong Nava, Inez Tan, Joshua Ip, Lucas Ho & Choo Kah Ying.

Head2Head | SingPoWriMo Showcase: A Prompt A Day