Theatre, Visual Arts

醉生夢死 Erosion

Organised by: The Erosion Collective
  • Date:
    4 - 11 Dec 2021
  • Venue:
    The Arts House
    The Arts HouseThe Arts House
  • Admission:
    Erosion: Everlasting: $15 (General), $10 (Student)
    Erosion: Breathtaking: $35 (General), $25 (Student)
    Erosion: Immersive+: $45 (General), $30 (Student)
  • Advisory:
    Ratings to be advised.


Interweaving visual art, performance art, and technological arts, 醉生夢死 erosion invites you to indulge in a metaphysical world of self-indulgences. The core of the concept is manifested in a real, raw, and confrontational experience. In this interactive journey, The Erosion Collective hopes that people will be able to unearth and explore their darkest, unbearable, and suppressed emotions within the deep trenches of their hearts.

From your unimagined perspectives, we will take you to experience life: drunken life, dreamlike life, deathlike life--醉生夢死. Life itself has always permitted escapism, but the question is how one chooses to--for each choice holds a different consequence.

Audiences are invited to embrace the uneasiness that is embedded in fear, excitement, and embarrassment, as your mind wanders and navigates through each installation.

What we would like to convey is that those buried memories and experiences that you are afraid to confront are things we are able to intuitively understand and have experienced in the past.

"One needs to understand and realize that we can go through 醉生夢死 once, which has always been allowed."

醉生夢死 Erosion