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Picture This

Organised by: Checkpoint Theatre
  • Date:
    23 Mar 2021
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box
    Goodman Arts Centre, Black BoxGoodman Arts Centre, Black Box


Celebrate the official release of Myle Yan Tay and Shuxian Lee's Putu Piring and Through the Longkang #1 with us! As Checkpoint Theatre continues expanding its repertoire of works across various media, series editors Huzir Sulaiman and Myle Yan Tay will also unveil the rest of our brand new slate of titles — including an exclusive peek at Rebranding for Sea Monsters, written by Luke Somasundram and illustrated by Ethan Sim.
From slice-of-life to horror to good old-fashioned absurdity, hear from our panel of new writers and illustrators on how they collaborated to incorporate different themes and styles into the worlds of each unique comic.

Picture This