Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

LumiNation 2020

Organised by: The Arts House
  • Date:
    1 - 30 Aug 2020
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Singapore comes together in August to celebrate its independence. This National Day, The Arts House explores the lesser-known narratives that have shaped the country with LumiNation, the annual season celebrating the hidden histories and untold stories of Singapore's communities. Returning for its third edition in 2020, this year's festival will be held from 1 to 30 August as a virtual event with digital talks and video projects held across the month. Themed "The Migration Edition", LumiNation 2020 takes a timely look into how the intricate fabric of nationhood has been woven by the many communities that have found a home in Singapore. Through the illuminating lenses of individuals, authors, and academics, explore how the global phenomenon of migration is deeply connected with our individual sense of identity.

The Arts House has historically been a space for debate and discussion through its many identities as a court house and Singapore's first Parliament House. LumiNation continues this legacy through its current role as Singapore's national literary arts centre, programming talks and workshops that foster discourse and conversations about the nation.

Shridar Mani, Programmer of LumiNation, shares that "LumiNation has always been about taking a step back from the image of Singapore that we all know and digging deep into the hidden histories that have been forgotten or left behind. This year, "The Migration Edition" reminds us of how Singapore's narrative is made up of the stories of immigrants both past and present, people who have played an important role throughout the country's history. Through this year's programming, we hope to capture a greater sense of Singapore's diversity and get people more acquainted with these communities".

LumiNation 2020