Rumah Hantu

Organised by: Akulah BIMBO SAKTI
Performed by: Akulah BIMBO SAKTI (I am the MAGIC BIMBO) (Singapore)
  • Date:
    1 - 2 Nov 2019
  • Time:
    3:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Venue:
    Malay Heritage Centre Auditorium
    Malay Heritage Centre AuditoriumMalay Heritage Centre Auditorium
  • Language:
    Performed in Malay with English surtitles
  • Admission:
    Adult: $15
    Student: $10

    1 Nov, Fri, 3:00pm -
    1 Nov, Fri, 7:30pm -
    2 Nov, Sat, 3:00pm -
    2 Nov, Sat, 7:30pm -


In an old and decrepit house, two individuals whose lives are intertwined by a mysterious incident, find themselves trapped in a house full of stories and memories. The only way they know how to deal with this situation is to keep searching and to keep repeating narratives that serve as a way of escape.

What are the memories we hold on to?
What stories are places or possessions tied to?
What do we dream about when we sleep to escape?
What appears to release you may be the exact thing that keeps you trapped.

Adib Kosnan wrote "Rumah Hantu" as a response to Noor Effendy Ibrahim's first play "Kerusi Buaian, Cermin, dan Jam" written in 1991.

Rumah Hantu