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#Unfiltered - A Walking Workshop For Young Collectors with Brenda Tan

Organised by: Gillman Barracks
Performed by: Brenda Tan
  • Date:
    21 Jul 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Gillman Barracks
    Gillman BarracksGillman Barracks


Interested in starting her own art collection, join Brenda Tan on her hunt for artworks at Gillman Barracks. This walking worhshop provides an #unfiltered safe space to ask our friendly gallerists anything related to art and collecting.

Workshop Details
3.00 pm: Registration and tour of START at Gillman Barracks
3.30 pm: Tour of Yavuz Gallery
4.30 pm: Tour of Mizuma Gallery
5.00 pm: End of Workshop

Workshop will start at START at Gillman Barracks (Blk 9 Gillman Barracks) and conclude at Mizuma Gallery (Blk 22 Gillman Barracks).

Attendees are recommended to wear comfortable shoes as the tour will include a walk around Gillman Barracks.

About Brenda Tan
Brenda Tan is a sassy creative based in Singapore with an unapologetic love for the arts and the environment. She regularly posts beauty, lifestyle, food and travel videos with a candid, TMI vibe on her youtube channel and runs Go Margaux, an online store featuring curated vintage costume jewellery and clothing for the modern woman.

#Unfiltered - A Walking Workshop For Young Collectors with Brenda Tan