Music, Talk/Workshop

Voicing Your Self: Making Your Place

Organised by: National Arts Council
  • Date:
    10 Nov 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    The Arts House Play Den
    The Arts House Play DenThe Arts House Play Den


How do you express your identity and culture through music?

Some of Southeast Asia's leading singer-songwriters will discuss the role and power of music and words in defining their sense of identity as part of ASEAN. Brought together for the One Voice concert in conjunction with Singapore's ASEAN Chairmanship this year, these musicians will delve into the traits and styles which distinguish their representative cultures, yet reflect underlying commonalities that have universal appeal.

This event is organised by National Arts Council, supported by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, produced by Global Cultural Alliance, in conjunction with Singapore Writers Festival.

Voicing Your Self: Making Your Place