Film Screening: One Hour To Daylight

Organised by: Sinema Media
  • Date:
    18 Aug 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1h 30min
  • Venue:
    Bedok Public Library
    Bedok Public LibraryBedok Public Library
  • Language:
    English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil with English & Chinese subtitles


Singapore Writers Festival and Sinema present the film, One Hour to Daylight, a social drama set in 2016 in a Singaporean estate where cultural and social tensions threaten to divide its inhabitants. A lift technician, Chen, dies in an unfortunate work site accident, and his wife travels here from China to collect his body. Overseeing this case is ambitious Malay lawyer, Andy, who disregards both his wife's objections and the possible consequences of giving their daughter, Dela, a Dream Device, to better her studies. Dela's classmate, Alyssa, has to live with both her grandparents in the absence of her mother, and she knocks heads with them constantly due to their class differences. She seeks comfort in her best friend, Wei Ting, whose father, a jobless middle-aged man, decides to rob a bank with Chen's Bangladeshi co-worker, Nayeem. Their lives, though separate, are intertwined, and all collide in the Curry Incident.

2016 / Colour / English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil with English & Chinese subtitles / 77 min / Rating PG

Cast: Larry Low, Joann Wu, Hatta Said, Aadhya Anand, Elias Mikhail, Christopher Yong, A. Panneeirchelvam

Directors: Jonathan Choo, Sufyan Sam'an, Jacky Lee & D. Vel Murugan

About Utter
Utter is an annual initiative which showcases the best of Singapore writing and celebrates its potential to be adapted into different media and across languages, giving audiences fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of our homegrown authors. Since 2013, it has produced numerous short films, both live action and animation.

Refreshments will be provided