Getting Creative, Feeling Hot at the Festival Village

17 May 2012
Photos by Ping

It was a very hot and humid evening on a normal working day in the usual CBD area of our very hot and humid city of Singapore. As usual, joggers who just took off their business suits and tourists who were admiring the brightly lit skyline had to endure the weather while they enjoyed the tranquility of the river side. But once they stepped into the arena of creativity and arts built up by the Singapore Arts Festival in the Esplanade Park, they lost this privilege when they were bombarded with more heat, noise and colours of wrestlers, children, urns, threads, bands, deejays, horses, projected videos, ghosts, baristas and fried chicken wing that were all not performing their usual roles in the Festival Village.

This was what I saw at the preview of the Festival Village last night. I regard it simply as a carnival of creativity, energy and the unthinkables. You might have read about the Festival Village and find it confusing due to the vast variety of arts events taking place inside. I would say, forget the system and organization of it. Simply come to this place and let your temperature escalate with the fun and experience.

getting creative feeling hot at the festival village 1

At one corner you will witness and cheer for your selection of finalists challenge the hard and tough iron fist to become the new national icon in a wrestling ring. At another corner, when you are hiding in the air-conditioned café, enjoying the scrumptious ice cream and refreshing drinks, you will suddenly be surprised by the young-at-heart baristas and waiters dancing to your familiar tunes such as We Are The Champions and Party Rock Anthem. And if you look out the window you might see some pretty horses running around. You might also hear some screams in the centre of the Village as some people are still scared by their childhood ghost stories. In between all these, you get countless treats of audio and visual enjoyment by deejays, bands, and many other ordinary people who have loads of extraordinary ideas in their heads.

getting creative feeling hot at the festival village 4

Ya, in this virtually (yet practically) summer days of 18 May to 2 Jun, head down to the Festival Village and HAVE FUN (as recommended by Low Kee Hong, the Festival’s General Manager). No strings attached and no fees to be paid. (Of course not applicable to the nice food and a specially made cocktail for the festival.)

You might also find your lost stories in the shipping containers too.


getting creative feeling hot at the festival village 3