Dear Yang daughters-in-law – An interview with the heroines

6 Oct 2016
Interview by Sam Kee
Photos by The Second Breakfast Company


Leow Puay Tin’s Family is a play that spans across 10 decades, revolving around the members of the Yang family. The play has a staggering number of more than 30 characters. The Second Breakfast Company found a way around it by getting some of their 11 actors to take on several roles. We approached the heroines of the story – the Yang daughter and daughters-in-law to find out what inspired them to take up these daunting roles.


The word count of their responses is determined by the number of roles each of them plays. Find out who’s who when you catch them on stage!

(Tua Soh) Sharon Tan: Phoenix
(Li Soh) Juliana Kassim: Welcoming, efficient, reputable, passion
(Sah Soh) Tiara Yap: Singaporean, unique, challenging
(Si Soh) Natalie Yeap: Challenge, fresh and _______.
(Gor Soh) Shu Yi Ching: Mellow
(Luk Soh) Beatrice Chin: Matriarch
(Chit Soh) Yi-Wen Phan Yvaine: Self-conscious, sheltered, weak-willed
(Bee Lian) Alyssa Lie: Human relationships

Beatrice also shares that she was arrested by how the playwright, Leow Puay Tin, sets up the story. Family tells the story of a household run entirely by women – the narrative spans across the 1900s, begging an intriguing question about the role of gender and power dynamics through the lens of the Yang family. She feels that living in today’s world is very different from 20 years ago, when the play was written. This production would provide an opportunity for everyone to reflect on issues that remain pertinent today, such as love, relationships and gender roles. As someone who subscribes to a contemporary view towards these issues, Beatrice welcomes the challenges in her role, and takes the chance to explore social themes in a historical trajectory.



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Written by Leow Puay Tin
Date: 13 – 16 Oct 2016, Thu – Sun
Time: 8:00pm | Additional 3:00pm show on Sat & Sun
Venue: Blackbox, Centre 42
Ticket Prices: $25