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Music in the Gardens with Siong Leng Ensemble

Organised by: Voilah! French Festival 2017
  • Date:
    9 Apr 2017
  • Venue:
    Singapore Botanic Gardens Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage
  • Admission:


Head down to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for an evening with Voilah! 2017 where visitors will be able to experience the best of French culture with a gourmet picnic and great performances. The evening will include:
Music Performances by Siong Leng Musical Association

Enjoy the gentle charm of Nanyin music with the Siong Leng Musical Association as they bring new life to this ancient art form by incorporating traditional Nanyin music with other genres of music and contemporary dance. Having performed at the Singapore en France Festival in Paris in 2015, the Siong Leng ensemble will take visitors on a journey of experiencing traditions anew.

Les Ombres Blanches (White Shadows) by Mademoiselle Paillette
Be enchanted by French street dance and acrobatics troupe, Mademoiselle Paillette, and its performance Les Ombres Blanches (White Shadows) as they invite visitors into a world of dreams and enchantment with roving performers decked in lavish costumes.

Gourmet Picnic Baskets
Specially packed gourmet picnic baskets filled with delectable French treats will also be available for purchase near the Singapore Botanic Gardens Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage.

Music in the Gardens with Siong Leng Ensemble