Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

Meeting in the Middle: Asian Women in Focus

Organised by: Ethos Books
  • Date:
    31 Mar 2017
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    The Select Centre, Block 231 Bain Street, #04-01, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
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Consider the word 'intersection'. It is a point where multiple things meet and overlap. We ourselves are living intersections – we are the sum of the different aspects of our cultures and our lived experiences, and sometimes more than that. But some intersections are less visible than others. For instance, how much do we know about the women writers within our region, and what they write about? What can we do about this lack of exposure and conversation?

In collaboration with The Select Centre and in celebration of International Women's Day, we'll be spotlighting women – not women as a whole, but women coming from diverse intersections within our region – and having a book exchange to boot!

Featuring Ethos Books' authors Jinat Rehana Begum, Noelle Q. de Jesus, and Krishna Udayasankar.

Meeting in the Middle: Asian Women in Focus